Saka Dawa

May 9, 2024

Today (9 May) is the start of Saka Dawa, the most important month in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar. Concluding on 6 June, this is known as the month of merits, where all actions of body, speech and mind are multiplied hundreds of thousands of times. 🫶 🤗

The most important and most auspicious day during this very special month falls on the full moon, May 23, and is called Saka Dawa Duchen (which means Great Occasion) which commemorates the birth, enlightenment and Parinirvana of our historical Buddha Shakyamuni. In other Buddhist traditions this day is called Vesak or Buddha Day.

For Tibetan Buddhists, this month of Saka Dawa encourages us to be very mindful of how we use our body, speech and mind to ensure we are practicing mindfulness, being kind, generous and patient.

All Tibetan Buddhists (and many others as well) around the world will consciously work during this month to bring peace, contentment and wisdom to their own hearts and minds whilst wishing the same for all beings everywhere who are experiencing any form of suffering. Many pujas, practices and offerings will be made during this auspicious time.
May we rejoice in the merit and the positive intentions and energy of all those people everywhere. ♥️ 🤲