These meditations are offered to give you an opportunity to calm your mind, foster positive states of mind, or weaken habitual negative states of mind.

You do not need to be a Buddhist or an experienced meditator to use them, but it is recommended starting with the first meditations, Calming the body and mind, as these provide a basis the other meditations.

These audio recordings have been produced by Karuna and are made available to the public free of charge however if you find them useful please consider making a donation.

All background music is licensed under the Creative Commons Licence: 1. ‘Tibetan Singing Bowls – G# Throat Chakra’ by Sonic Yogi, 2. ‘Sound Meditation 12’ by matthew barlow, 3. ‘Mahasarasvati’ by val de lobo music, 4. ‘Solar Plexus Singing Bowls’ by Sonic Yogi, 5. ‘Morning Forest Bloom’ by hiddenplace music, 6. ‘Calm Amber Valley Relaxation Ambient Music Sound’ by ItsDylanC, 7. ‘Ashot Danielyan – November 28 Meditation’ by Ashot Danielyan, 8. ‘Ashot Danielyan – December 3 Meditation’ by Ashot Danielyan, 9. ‘Relaxing meditation’ by Bensound, 10. ‘Meditación con J. Krishnamurti’ by sergiodaza, 11. ‘Dancers in Mist’ by Doc & Lena Selyanina, 12. ‘Sea Meditation’ by Doc & Lena Selyanina