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Prayer Flags

Tibetan prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, courage and wisdom. The colours of the prayer flags represent the elements and are arranged from left to right in a specific order: blue (sky), white (wind), red (fire), green (water) and yellow (earth). They are placed outdoors and are designed to move in the wind. The blessings of the prayers and sacred symbols are then carried throughout the world.

Prayer flags are available for purchase at Karuna House with all proceeds going towards our charitable services.

Auspicious dates for hanging prayer flags in 2020:
January: tbc
February: tbc
March: tbc
April: tbc
May: tbc
June: tbc
July: tbc
August: tbc
September: tbc
October: tbc
November: tbc
December: tbc

For more information about prayer flags please visit the FPMT Website.