Karuna Hospice Services provides in-home palliative and spiritual care and counselling to people with terminal illness to live well and die peacefully.

Our commitment to clients is to honour their lives and give comfort to their families.

Karuna Christmas Appeal

Dear Karuna Friend,

As a valued supporter of Karuna you know that we care for hundreds of families every year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of cost.

We know a lot of families are struggling as a result of job losses and financial strain. But this Christmas, please consider giving a donation to Karuna to help families and those with terminal illnesses like Ashley Cooper.


“Without Karuna it would have been a completely different experience if he had been in hospital or a nursing home.” said his wife Helen

Support Karuna

Every day someone in our community is being cared for by Karuna. Thank you for considering a donation, your support will make a difference.