Remembering Karuna with a gift in your Will

A bequest is a gift of personal money or property made through a Will.

We know it’s not always easy to talk about gifts in Wills and many people think that making a Will or changing your existing one is complicated.

Having a current Will is the only way to ensure that your financial affairs will be settled exactly as you wish. A bequest is a very worthwhile and meaningful way of showing you care.

We have prepared an easy to read guide to assist with adding a bequest in your Will. Please contact us for a non-obligation conversation and copy.

In our guide you will find information such as:

Suggested Wording:

“I bequeath free of all duties and charges (description of gift) to The Karuna Hospice Service Ltd, PO Box 2020, Windsor, 4030, (ABN 28 055 211 473) in the State of Queensland, for the general charitable purposes thereof and I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or Honorary Treasurer shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.

The reason I am making this bequest to Karuna Hospice Service Ltd is because […] (Please identify the connection with the charity).”

Where it says ‘description of gift’ you could add…

  • A proportion of your estate (e.g. ‘half of my estate’)
  • The residue of your estate after you look after family members
  • A specified sum of money, or specific items such as investments, real estate, artwork or jewellery.

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