Cory Taylor on dying for beginners

Cory is an Australian writer with a deep affinity for Japan.

She grew up in Queensland and Fiji, a sun-lover and blithely unaware of any need for UV protection.

By the time Cory’s skin cancer was detected in 2005, the disease was so advanced there was no hope she would survive it.

At first unwilling to accept the diagnosis, Cory kept it from friends and family.

She put her energies to long-delayed writing projects, publishing two award-winning novels: Me and Mr Booker, and My Beautiful Enemy.

In later years, Cory has made facing death her project; and come to find it fascinating. She hopes her final work, a memoir, will trigger more open and honest conversations about how we die.

Now in the last phase of her illness, Cory invited Richard to her home to record this interview.

Listen to the interview on the ABC website