Spiritual care

Karuna offers spiritual support and guidance for people faced with declining health, the end of life and loss. Care is provided by counsellors, ordained Buddhists and trained spiritual carers.

We provide:

You can also download the Karuna Care of Mind PDF.

Care of the Mind Resources

Whilst we can choose to ignore spiritual issues throughout life, they generally come into focus when we (or someone close to us) are faced with a life threatening illness or actual end of life.

  • Information Sheets – Information, advice and comfort to those shaken by the fragility of life.
  • Buddhist Wisdom Information Sheets – Introductions to key Buddhist concepts around death and dying and living and dying well.
  • Meditations – Short meditations to calm the mind suitable for all.
  • No regrets: Advice for living and dying – His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Karuna House in 2007. This is a lightly edited transcript and video of his talk on living and dying.
  • Guidebooks – In depth handbooks on preparation for death, from a Buddhist perspective.