Karuna Care

Karuna offers a unique in-home and community based palliative care service to people of all ages from little children to our most senior citizens.

We understand that the diagnosis of a life threatening health condition may be the most confronting experience in life. Just as caring for a loved one at home when their health is deteriorating may be an unfamiliar and distressing role.

For more than 20 years Karuna’s Home & Community Palliative Care has helped thousands of Queenslanders facing incurable illness to be where they want to be: with family, friends or loved ones, whilst receiving the best of care.

In a team effort, our experienced  staff work in partnership with patients and their loved ones to offer expert clinical and moral support so that remaining at home for the rest of life is possible, peaceful and positive.

Karuna’s Home & Community Palliative Care is a no-fee service accessible throughout Brisbane’s Northern suburbs, Caboolture and Redcliffe. Admission can be simply arranged via:

  • A direct request from you or a family member
  • A general practitioner or specialist
  • A treating clinic or hospital
  • Community organisations

We are available to answer questions about the service on 07 3632 8300 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. On admission our care team will meet with you either at Karuna or at home and help you plan the care you need. This will sometimes include talking with your medical practitioner to ensure appropriate coordination of care.

Our Home & Community Palliative Care services may include all or some of the following:

  • Assessment of client and family health and social needs
  • Home nursing care for pain and symptom management
  • Nursing equipment
  • Liaison with the family GP
  • Family counselling and emotional support
  • Spiritual support and discussion
  • Carer education, training and support
  • Meditation programs
  • After hours support
  • Linkage to other community and social services
  • Volunteer services – Karuna’s Family Support volunteers play an integral role by helping fill essential roles as the face of our philosophy of kindness. They provide companionship, practical assistance and respite.


Admission to Karuna’s in-home care can be arranged through a:

  • direct request from you or a family member
  • general practitioner or specialist
  • treating clinic or hospital
  • community organisations.

Karuna’s admitting team will work with your medical practitioner to ensure appropriate coordination of care and then meet with you and your family. This can happen either at Karuna or in your home. An individual care plan will be developed in consultation with you and your carer. Please call 1300 KARUNA to access these services.


Bereavement support

Karuna has a reputation as a leader in bereavement support. We have a wealth of experience and expertise helping people suffering from grief and loss.

We provide:

  • psychology and counselling
  • support groups
  • memorial services
  • learning workshops
  • online information
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