Welcome to our Autumn 2023 Newsletter.

Reflecting upon Karuna’s 30-year legacy of kindness and compassion in the community throughout 2022 was a reminder about what a difference we all can make to someone suddenly finding themselves in a situation they weren’t prepared for nor expected.

As 2023 begins to take shape, we are excited about the potential for our service.

We are pleased to share some stories from our community, and tell you about some of our upcoming plans in our Autumn 2023 Newsletter. We hope you enjoy the read.

With your generous support, more families will be able to make the most of the precious time they have left with their loved ones.

At Karuna we aim to make the end of life a time of peace and comfort for all of our patients and their families.

We believe this is the greatest gift we can give to someone who is going to die.

But we can’t do this without your help


will provide medication equipment for a nurse


will give a grieving family
access to counselling


will allow a Doctor to manage
a patient’s symptoms and medication


will provide a family
with an after-hours
nursing visit

Did you know that 70% of Australian adults don’t have a legally binding Will?

We are pleased to share that we have recently partnered with the online Will making platform Gathered Here.

Gathered Here is a social enterprise dedicated to making the task of writing a Will easier and quicker. We hope that by partnering with Gathered Here, we can encourage our supporters to take the important step of creating a Will.

Learn more about Gathered Here.

Create your free Will with Gathered Here.

After you’ve provided for your loved ones, we would love for you to consider leaving even a small percentage of your estate to Karuna. Whilst this is not a requirement, a bequest or a gift in your Will is a lasting and meaningful way to ensure that Karuna can continue providing compassionate care for generations to come.

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