1850’s – original stone cottage

1880’s – sold to James Hamilton Scott who subdivided 90 allotments. He was the first person to change the house, adding a stone building in the east

1885 – house sold to Alfred Jones

1894 – original house possibly demolished (this was common in that time due to poor materials and labour) Jones rebuilt next to the stone wing. Renowned architect G Addison worked on the house in the 1890’s and two acres were added to the site. Several rooms of the house are ‘classic Addison rooms’ and the main front portico. Formal gardens appeared with many varieties of roses and orchids.

1914 – Jones and his three sons loaned the house to the Government for the war period for use as a repatriation hospital. The main treatments were massage and ionization

1916 – first additional buildings appeared which included open air wards with canvas walls

1918 – site was acquired by the Queensland Government for a permanent hospital

1931 – a second stone area of the main house was demolished and a timber area added. The ‘viewing platform’ on the east side which used to look out to Breakfast Creek was removed.

1945 – more buildings added to site

1949 – some buildings leased to Royal Brisbane Hospital

1951 – main land to east subdivided

1960’s to 1980’s – used as repatriation hospital

1980’s – used as geriatric and mental health hospital for Royal Brisbane Hospital

1994 – house and some buildings closed down. House empty and vandalized

2005 – Karuna leased building for 30 years from Queensland Health


Rosemount Part 1

(Kindly provided by the Windsor Historical Society)

Rosemount Part 2

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Rosemount Part 3

(Kindly provided by the Windsor Historical Society)