Karuna and the Environment

Karuna is committed to caring not only for clients and their families, but also for the environment. We have put together a “Green Team” to always be on the lookout for further ways that Karuna can keep our planet green.


The Karuna Green Team has already put in place a number of initiatives to cut greenhouse emissions and to generally help reduce, reuse and recycle.

Mobile Phone Recycling

We have a number of collection bins provided for people to drop in their old mobile phones to be recycled. Karuna receives funds for each mobile phone collected. So far we have received over $1,993 which goes towards our services to the community.

Compost bin

The Karuna Compost Bin provides fertile compost for our green gardens.

Green Alternatives for Everyday Products

Karuna has switched to green alternatives for a lot of everyday items around the office including fair trade coffee, recycled paper towels and toilet paper, printing paper.